4 Ways Your Life Will Change When You’re Free From Debt

There’s nothing like the feeling of being free from debt. When you’ve put in hard effort, paid off your bills while building your Security Buffer and are officially Living Within Your Means, you can finally put all your resources toward your Freedom Generator. But while you’re still working towards that day, imagining what happens when you’re free from debt is hard. So today, I’m sharing four ways your life will change when you’re free from debt.

Lifechange#1: You can increase your Pay Yourself First amount

When you started on your journey to Financial Freedom, your Pay Yourself First amount may have been small, because you were splitting your income between paying the bank and your future. When you’re free from debt, you’ll start sending that money to your Pay Yourself First account and then out to work for you. After all, you’ve already been living without it. Your Freedom Generator will start to grow, and you’ll be that much closer to Financial Freedom.

Lifechange#2: No more anxiety! You’ve Protected Yourself

People end up in debt for many reasons, and finding yourself in an emergency is a big one. Whether you didn’t have the right insurance or experienced a job loss, going into debt to take care of yourself and your family is common. But when you’re on the path to Financial Freedom, you’ll have put in place an impenetrable wall of financial security protecting you from finding yourself in that situation ever again. When you’re faced with an emergency, you’ll have the financial resources to support you while you focus on handling the situation. You won’t wake up in the middle of the night worrying about all those ‘what-ifs’.

Lifechange#3: It’s Time to Accelerate To Freedom!

When your debt is in the past, you have the Freedom to send your money out to work for you. Knocking out your debt is the first real step toward kicking your Freedom Generator into high gear. Before you know it, you’re in a position to stop exchanging your time for money. You’ll have the option to work or not, to start your own business or to pursue that secret dream you’ve always had!

Lifechange#4: Free from Debt Means Financial Freedom is Within Your Reach!

Not having to pay the bank each month means you can aggressively pursue Financial Freedom. You’re Financially Fit and Financially Secure, so you have the opportunity to focus on choosing quality investments that put money in your pocket and on building your Freedom Generator.

While you’re still working to pay off your debt, don’t get discouraged. Financial Freedom is possible for anyone—no matter what financial mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Follow the Four Money Principles and concentrate on what life will be like when you’re free from debt. You WILL achieve Financial Freedom!

image credit: Bigstock/dolgachov

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