Not Paying Yourself First? Here’s Why.

You know how critical Paying Yourself First is to your Financial Freedom. But there may be more times than you’d like to admit when you’ve let your financial goals fall by the wayside. While habit and commitment are part of the equation, your mentality about finances may be what’s actually hindering you from Paying Yourself First. With that in mind, here are some common money mindsets that get in the way of hitting your financial milestones:

Banking On What-If Scenarios

That giant windfall of cash. A potential inheritance from an aging relative. A huge promotion that will finally allow you to Live on What Remains and set aside some cash each week. Are you banking on a hypothetical what-if scenario to provide a cure-all to your financial woes?

The thing is, this mindset provides a mere illusion of solving your money problems. Financial Fitness now will help you make the most of any surplus that actually does comes your way. (We’ve all heard the horror stories.) Waiting on an unlikely rescue scenario holds you back from taking critical action today.


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