Freedom Generator 101: Your Guide To The Lifestyle Assets Bucket


This is the fifth part of our six-part intensive series on the Freedom Generator. If you missed the first article, you can read it here.

It’s time to head to the other side. So far, in our deep dive into the Freedom Generator, we’ve focused entirely on the left-hand side of this critical money machine.

We’ve seen how the Cash Bucket protects your family in the event of financial disaster. We’ve looked at how your Income Generator is built to power your Freedom lifestyle. And we’ve examined how the Growth Engine amps up the resources you’ll have in your golden years.

Today’s we’re peering around the wall to the right-hand side of your Freedom Generator. Let’s examine the essential role of the Lifestyle Assets Bucket . . . and how overfeeding it derails many people’s journeys to Freedom.

Freedom Generator Diagram.png

What’s In The Lifestyle Assets Bucket?

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