Are Apps That Automatically Nix Subscriptions And Lower Bills Worth It?

When a world-famous celebrity like Ashton Kutcher raves about something, you better believe the world pays attention. So when he tweeted that Trim, an online service designed to help you lower your bills, was a “must see to believe” he created a bit of buzz.

In fact, Ashton believes in Trim so much that his venture capitalist firm, Sound Ventures, invested some seed money into the startup. After all, cutting recurring expenses really helps you on your way to Financial Freedom.

So what’s the hubbub all about? And besides Trim, what other services and apps are out there to help you lower your bills? And if you stacked them against each other, which one would come out on top?

In this roundup, we’ve reviewed Trim and TrueBill to see how they work, how they’re different and which one we recommend.

What’s So Great About Trim, Ashton?

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