Freedom Generator 101: Your Guide To The Charity Bucket


This is the sixth and final part of our six-part intensive series on the Freedom Generator. If you missed the first article, you can read it here.

If you’ve been following our Freedom Generator series, congratulations on making it to the end! Today, we’re looking at the final piece of the Freedom Generator—the Charity Bucket. And we’re discussing how funding your own Freedom and setting up a self-sustaining system for supporting the causes closest to your heart works.

How The Charity Bucket Works

By now you know that to support your current lifestyle and pursue Financial Freedom, your Freedom Generator has to include these four buckets:

But the fifth element of your Freedom Generator—the Charity Bucket—is actually entirely optional. Whether you build one into your financial picture is an utterly personal choice that’s up to you and your family.

Dr. Tony is the co-founder of and the best-selling author of three books on personal and business finances. Having achieved Financial Freedom at 27, Dr. Tony believes that through Financially Fit Bootcamp and Cash Flow Cure everyone can get there. He has made it his life’s mission to help others live a life where their money works for them—not the other way around.

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