Michael Aspinall

I had a yearning to be set free by my business–I craved Freedom like I needed my next breath.

It was a good business, yet, despite the fire inside me for Freedom, ironically, I was setting it up to trap me.

For my business to truly set me free I needed it not just to be good, I needed it to be great–I’ve now done it!

I lead a courageous group of business owners who are creating greater freedom in their lives by generating sustainable higher performance in themselves, their team and their business.

Through my background as a C130 Combat Airlift Pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force for thirteen years, and now more than twelve years as a 747 pilot for a major international airline, I have been exposed to multiple environments where high performance was a fundamental requirement for mission success. Whether it’s military combat flying, where people are shooting at you whilst you’re trying to get the job done, or the cockpit of a 747 jumbo jet in the middle of an inflight emergency, you need to be at the top of your game…..it just needs to be the way you do things, in short high performance needs to be a habit!

What a business can be if it uses these same principles and tools that have allowed me and the teams I have worked with to get it done under exacting conditions is extraordinary–a business can be great, even exceptional, and the best thing…..it’s like it’s on autopilot. High performance just happens; it becomes a habit. It lights me up to be part of that!

As a high performance transformation specialist, thought leader, author, speaker, coach, mentor and an industry leader in Human Factors training, I leverage the Human Factor so you can be better at what you do. My focus is taking the techniques, tactics and procedures that have been proven time and again in demanding environments as a high performance military and airline pilot, and translating them in a unique and engaging way to generate higher performance for people and teams, whatever it is they do and wherever they do it.

After a lifetime of living, breathing and being what makes aviation such a high performance environment, I founded Factor Performance with the notion that the Human Factor is what makes the difference between success and failure, particularly when the going gets tough, and the chips are down. The harder it gets, the better we go! I designed Factor Performance from the ground up to enhance individual, team and business performance through the Human Factor.

With more than twenty-five years as a high performance military and airline pilot I’ve had an insight that very few people experience. I thrive on instructing, coaching and mentoring having worked as a ground, simulator and airborne instructor during my time in the Air Force. I also enjoyed three years as a Scout Leader teaching and mentoring young people. As a mentor and coach in the professional environment I have worked on implementing programs in both military and civilian arenas and am passionate about seeing people realize their own full potential through the power of coaching and mentoring.

I generate higher performance for people and teams so we can all have the freedom we desire.

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