Liz Logan

I am a World-Renowned Lifestyle Designer and Entrepreneur inspiring you to Design a Life You Love! Through my 3 Pillar Life Design Map, I guide you to Be Healthy, Live Happy and Find Financial Abundance.

I believe all facets of designing a life you love are interconnected. When you design your optimal health, happiness enters more easily, and abundance flows more freely. That’s why I’ve created a 3 Pillar Life Design Map to use as a blueprint for your own life design. Follow this map, and you will be living a life you love in no time!

Design Your Health

As your functional nutrition expert, I show you how to elevate your health so You Feel Nourished, Radiant and Healthy. I help you tune into the importance of designing optimal health through plant-inspired nutrition, ditching your toxins and balancing your hormones. I teach you the most efficient way to move your body for true alignment with your heart and soul. I guide you to up level your health like you have never done before and feel your best everyday.

Design Your Happy

As your happiness coach, I walk you down the path to True Happiness so You Feel Joy and Bliss on a daily basis and center your life around what most inspires your happy. I guide you to find happiness in your life by deepening your relationship to self, spirit and elevated lifestyle choices. Happiness can be your choice every day!

Design Your Abundance

As your abundance coach, I guide you to total abundance so you can make a life, not just a living, feel free and open to your full potential. I teach you how to design a love story around money for a life of true abundance.

I travel the world on big and small stages, educating and empowering women and men to step up to their full potential of living a life they love.
My bio also includes…

LizTV Host

LizTV is my soul space where I share my inspirations and reflections through weekly videos to be healthy, live happy and feel abundant.

Live for Balance Owner

Live for Balance, my wellness center, promotes a body-mind-spirit approach to wellness through both Eastern and Western healing arts and sciences. The Center brings together a team of highly qualified professionals from a variety of disciplines who work in concert with each other to enhance the health of the whole person.

Corporate Health Adviser

The advantages of a healthy lifestyle include: more energy, better concentration and a positive mindset. This results in a higher productivity of employees. Increasingly, management teams are aware of this and are now making use of my health plan.

Speaker & Retreat Leader

I offer full- and half-day lectures workshops about health, happiness and abundance. In addition, I lead retreats all over the globe, teaching how to design and live a life they love. Whether in the beautiful Colorado Rockies or the spiritual Sacred Valley in Peru, I take my passion for travel and living a life you love throughout the world.

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