Pete Steadman

I’m Pete Steadman, a freedom-preneur, who’s chosen to shape my work around my family life. I’m currently on a journey through North, Central & South America with my amazing wife Latisha, our son Tito & our 2 dogs plus we have little one on its way! The outcome of this journey will be a result of the choices that we make… You can follow our journey from Portland to Patagonia.

I bought my last business, a small boutique hotel, weeks before the financial crash in 2008. That being said I was able to increase revenue by 300% through a recession and then sold it for twice what I’d bought it for in less than 7 years. My desire to ensure that guests had an amazing experience was evident as the property received Trip Advisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” for 5 years in a row. Loans were hard to get in 2009 so my wife Latish & I put in an immense amount of our own time and effort to build 3 new cabins. This ensured that expenses were kept down and increased the properties earning potential. There was imbalance in my work & family life and priorities had to change. Our marriage & my relationship with my son were more important than the bottom line of this business. So I sold this business, looked at what had gone wrong & made note of what I would do differently next time.

I believe strongly in my ability to create my life, I love to travel and I’m passionate about helping others. I believes that opportunities present themselves and that we have to be open to receive and then have the confidence to pursue our visions.

“Dream big dreams, little dreams aren’t worth fighting for!”

I was sent to boarding school at the age of 7! Not because I was naughty, but this is quite normal in the UK. I learnt my work ethic from my father, a dairy farmer from Wales, who wanted to ensure that I had career choices upon finishing my education. I witnessed first hand how controlling debt can be, as my Dad worked until lunchtime just to pay the interest on the overdraft! This isn’t living, this is just existing. I therefore chose to work every summer driving tractors, and I left university with degree in Genetics and no debt.  

Since leaving the UK in 2004 for Canada, I’ve harvested my way through the midwest of America, monitored the coral reef off Mexico, invested in real estate, learnt website development, mastered housing renovations & custom carpentry, spend time on a community project in India, learnt to ride a motorbike in Hanoi, developed & operated a boutique hotel amongst other things. Most recently Latisha & I have designed and built our own expedition vehicle for our journey. I am constantly looking for new challenges, experiences & ways to positively impact the lives of others. I am currently creating a retreat center & a conscious community in Mexico.

“Life IS the Journey”

It’s saddening to observe how difficult life is for most business owners when we are living in a time of such abundance.  Their vision is often clouded by inconsistent cash flow and they end up neglecting their family or higher purpose in order to stay in business. My purpose is to guide & support business owners to financial freedom & eliminating money stress from their lives. So that they too can have a life filled with joy, purpose & passion.

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