Fia-Lynn Crandall

Fia-Lynn Crandall is the founder of Fearless Faith Inc., a company dedicated to empowering business owners to master their inner game around money. She is a wizard at being able to pinpoint & release what’s holding business owners back from creating massive income & impact in their business.

As an ex-Mechanical Engineer, she knows what it’s like to move from “security” to making money doing the work she loves. Industry leaders such as Justin Livingston refer to her as their secret weapon as she regularly is able to help them double or triple their sales results, often in just minutes.

Fia-Lynn is a Master Intuitive and has helped new business owners all the way to multi 7-figure business owners create income leaps from the inside out.

What Fia-Lynn has to say…

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  • Makaylah on November 4, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    For sure my secret weapon!

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