Vikki Morgan: Helping Ambitious Individuals See There’s More To Life

Vikki Morgan’s’ longtime career as a mortgage broker earned her international recognition, a six-figure salary and all the typical measures of wealth and success. But even after accumulating all that wealth, Vikki, a mother of two who lives in Perth with her spouse, still felt a bit hollow. Something vital was missing in her life.

“I grew up poor, and because of my upbringing, I watched my parents dream about winning lotto because money would solve all their problems that would make them happier” says Vikki. “But all money does is give you more choices, a nicer car to drive, house to live in. It doesn’t fundamentally make you happy.”

At first, Vikki chalked it up to a midlife crisis. But as the empty feeling continued to chipped away at her spirit, Vikki started hoping the universe would give her a sign of what she should do next.

Becoming A Coach

That sign came in 2016. She enrolled one of her clients in an entrepreneur-focused, public speaking conference in the United States. This was an opportunity for Vikki to meet the client and rub shoulders with potential investors, financial experts and other entrepreneurs. And, as she would be speaking at the conference, she had the chance to spread her message to the world.

But the client bowed out at the last minute leaving Vikki to fend for herself. At first, she was in shock. She had committed to speaking at the event and was now having to rethink the whole agenda. Putting a positive spin on the opportunity, she started to think perhaps the universe had yet again pushed her on the path she was meant to be. All the fear she was feeling was just about “the spin you go through before you growl.”

“I had tried and tried for months to make the other business move forward, to help take it to an international level” Vikki recalls. “It was so much hard pushing.”

After speaking in front of 1,500 other entrepreneurs at the conference, Vikki had a massive epiphany. Her true purpose was not simply to gain wealth and pay bills. It was to help nurture success in others.

“That was my first taste of coaching,” says Vikki. “I had everything I thought that would make me happy but I wasn’t happy. What was missing in my life was the soul work, the work that makes my heart sing.”

After connecting with Dr. Tony, she decided to enroll in’s Financially Fit Bootcamp program. She wanted to learn new tools for managing her income and moving toward Financial Freedom.

“The rule I lives by now is; “It’s not about how much you earn, it’s what you do with it that counts.”

By working with the tools of the program, and educating herself about money and investments, Vikki restructured her finances in a healthy way and started building toward her future. Today she focuses almost solely on coaching other entrepreneurs. She helps them build their businesses without making the same mistakes she made.

Helping Others Navigate Stress

Vikki’s greatest asset is her ability to help individuals shift their thinking around stress—particularly money stress—so they’re not weighed down with negativity.

One recent woman whom Vikki worked with came to her in a state of hopelessness and despair. She was reeling from a divorce and panicked at her low divorce settlement. Of course, Vikki didn’t see it that way.


“I helped her see her situation as an opportunity,” says Vikki. “I said, ‘This is the first time in your life you are free, you are no longer someone’s wife, someone’s employee, a mum to a dependent child. You can travel around the world or do whatever you want.’ She said, ‘you know what? I needed someone to tell me what my life could look like. I was so busy being miserable that I didn’t see what the gift was in separating.’”

Vikki is open to working with small business owners from all walks of life—whether they’re young or old, single or married, or rich or struggling.

“I want to work with people who are ready to take more responsibility for their lives,” says Vikki. “I’m looking to help people who are ready to redesign their lives, to take it by the horns, and are ready to hear what they need to hear to shape different aspects of their world. I’m happiest in acts of service, whether it’s making breakfast for my kids, or helping others make money, or helping them reframe their thinking to see the gift in every aspect of their lives.”


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