How An Accidental Entrepreneur Made It Into AFG’s Hall Of Fame Certified Coach Vikki Morgan has been recognized for her stance on how our modern society faulty view of debt. In August 2017, the Australian Financial Group, Australia’s largest financial aggregator and go between for banks and brokers, inducted her into their hall of fame. This honor is only given to financial service providers who stand out from their peers by raising the bar in their industry, have at least ten years of experience in finance, and have received industry awards that recognize their pursuit of excellence. Vikki is the first AFG female broker to receive this honor.

So what does it take for a single mom of two to start not one but two businesses, write a book and become the first female broker inductee of the prestigious Australian Financial Group Hall of Fame? Sheer hard work, focus, consistency and a drive to create a better life for her kids. This is Vikki Morgan, and this is her story.

20 Years Of Hard Work

Vikki became a mortgage broker because the business was simple to start. And she had control over her career and her company. Initially, she loved helping families finance their dream homes. She was giving people the means to get what they needed—a roof over their heads. On top of that, she was a single mom with two kids running an incredibly successful business in her thirties.

Creating More Money Stress

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Along the way, she realized that while yes, she was helping people achieve their dreams, the brokering world was wrong. Brokers like her were helping people go into debt, not helping them get out. The mortgages on their homes added to already massive loads of credit card debt or car repayments and actually increased money stress instead of alleviating it.

Right and left, the people around her were getting bombarded with credit. Banks were sending out diabolical marketing to kids like her daughter on their 18th birthday, advertising fantastic holidays and promising a no-fuss way to pay: plastic cards. There was no one standing up and saying, “That’s great, but can you really afford it?”

“There’s this real disassociation with money and plastic cards,” Vikki said. “We’ve got this new system that you just tap and go, tap and go.”

This disassociation can be dangerous for anyone from high school kids targeted by credit card companies to senior citizens who finally decide to get a plastic card after all these years.

A Different Message

Vikki decided to be the person to sound off a different message: you don’t have to live in debt and you can control your finances. With that message in mind, she founded both Ash Blue Finances and Independent Women By Design.

Ash Blue Finances still brokers mortgage loans, but Vikki designed her business model around helping her customers pay back those loans. For her, that is just as important to her as finding the best loans for them.

Independent Women By Design (IWBD) is geared toward women business owners and entrepreneurs. Vikki’s dream is to see women achieve Financial Freedom through their businesses. She helps women align their passion projects with their financial goals so they can have freedom of choice.

When she founded IWBD, Vikki says she wanted to help other women who are “accidental entrepreneurs.” When she became a mortgage broker, she sort of fell into it. She didn’t have a plan. And that affected how much time she was able to spend with her family. Today, she helps women avoid the same trap by creating financial plans that free their time and their money.

In both businesses, Vikki helps her customers through’s Financially Fit Bootcamp and Cash Flow Cure. She says she easily overlays’s solutions into services she currently provides. They provide real value to her customers who want to achieve Financial Freedom.

Recognized For Her Message

Earlier this year, Vikki published her first book, You, Money & Your Big Butt, which went on to become Amazon’s number one seller in two categories, Women in Business and Mentoring.

For Vikki these honors aren’t about her. They’re about girl power.

“For me personally,” Vikki said, “It was a privilege to be recognised as a Hall of Famer, and I am the first AFG Female Broker to be inducted. When I started in this industry there were very few females, and it’s fantastic to see those numbers are increasing.  I am very blessed to be in an industry that is seeing the value of having woman and well as men deliver outstanding service to their clients. I have loved every minute.”

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  • Vikki on September 11, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Thank you Whitney – loving what you do and being in service it the greatest privilege, please lend in if want to know more or how

  • Susan on September 12, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Vikki this is a great accolade and a great article. Congratulations for setting the bar for solo Mums and for what they can achieve. #yourock

  • Barry on September 13, 2017 at 2:08 am

    Great job. You create the ripple effect.

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