From The Pros: 4 Money Mindshifts That Will Revolutionize Your Business

When you start’s Cash Flow Cure program, earth-shattering MindShifts are common as you learn new things that revolutionize your business. Today our certified coaches are sharing the biggest breakthroughs they encountered on their journey through Cash Flow Cure and what it meant for their businesses.

You are not your business.

business money challenges vikki morganWhen you own your own business, morphing you and your business into a single being is a huge risk. But letting that happen stops you from progressing toward Financial Freedom. Coach Vikki Morgan shares why:

“I am not my business. This was big for me who was I then. I am the one that always has worked, worked hard to get where we are. But I had no clue of what was really needed for me to get where I wanted. I was working for the wrong master–the banks–and I should have been working for the right on which was me! I have made changes in our financial structures and for the first time at the age of 49 have a plan around becoming free financially–something that my partner (who is on board) is especially keen to do.”
Vikki Morgan, Founder, Independent Woman By Design

Your business model matters.

business challenges laura huntleyHow you choose to run your business now, the procedures you follow, the programs you implement and the pricing structure you set up, has long-term effects on your business and your Financial Freedom. That’s why figuring out your business model as soon as possible is so important.

“Getting crystal clear on the business model I wanted to create. The Cash Flow Cure program really makes you stop and think what you want to accomplish with your business and what model, programs and pricing will help you get there. Plus creating a solid structure that is also scalable and can grow as you grow.”
Laura Huntley

Is your business a Profit or Legacy business?

business money challenges mick aspinallDetermining early on if your business is a Profit or Legacy business helps you make the strategic decisions about your business model, programs and pricing that Laura mentioned. Determining his type of business was revolutionary for Mick Aspinall.

“The concept of what type of business you are creating–and it can only be one type, either a Profit or a Legacy business. From that fundamental you can then very clearly shape what you are creating as the decisions you have to make are broadly always guided by the type of business you are creating.”
Mick Aspinall, Founder and CEO, Factor Performance

Design your business around your freedom requirements, not vice versa.

You matter more than your business. That’s why it’s important to build your business around your Financial Freedom and not vice versa. Find out what you need to make from your business and then go from there.

business money challenges julian musgrave“A business should be designed around your freedom requirements, most people do the opposite, they build a business and then see if it can somehow have anything left over for them.

It’s a huge pivot in thinking and great fun to watch it as it swings around in their faces.”
Julian Musgrave, Advisor Principal, Your Wealth Matters

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