Why So Many People Settle For Mediocrity And Why You Shouldn’t

This week Dr. Tony has a question for you about your legacy. And it’s inspired by shōgun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu who in 1397 purchased the beautiful Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan. The original Golden Pavilion was converted into a Zen Buddhist monastery after his death—something he intended as his legacy. So Dr. Tony wants to know, “What’s your dream? What will your lasting contribution be?”

What’s your legacy?

If you have an end goal you’re passionate about, settling for normal and average isn’t going to cut it. In terms of leaving a long-term legacy, going for normal and average create nothing that will last beyond you. Because settling for mediocrity is just too easy to fall into.

So when you think about your legacy—whether that’s in your business world or personal world—what do you want it to be? Whatever you choose to leave behind, however you want to change the world, don’t let anything or anyone to hold you back from reaching your goal.

Our time on this planet is short, so make an impact!

image credit: Bigstock/Nicholas Han

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