Why Offering The “Right” Products Creates Accelerated Growth

How did you choose the type of products and programs you’re offering in your business? If you’re like most business owners, you modeled your products and programs on what successful leaders in your industry are doing. That means you might not be offering the right products for you.

But it seems logical right? Model someone who is successful, because they must be doing it “right.” While this might be the right move for you, modeling someone else carries a major risk of sabotaging your ability to reach the financial potential of your business.

Why is that?

To make the greatest impact in the world sharing your gifts (and make the money that goes with it) you must create product offerings in alignment with your natural uniqueness. If you do this, you’ll more easily—and quickly–reach your financial potential. That’s why it’s crucial to model a mentor who is a lot like you. If you model a mentor who is very different from you, you may hit a ceiling fast.

This alignment piece is crucial, and most people don’t factor it into their planning. The result is one of two things will happen.

Two Most Likely Outcomes

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