Why Offering The “Right” Products Creates Accelerated Growth

How did you choose the type of products and programs you’re offering in your business? If you’re like most business owners, you modeled your products and programs on what successful leaders in your industry are doing. That means you might not be offering the right products for you.

But it seems logical right? Model someone who is successful, because they must be doing it “right.” While this might be the right move for you, modeling someone else carries a major risk of sabotaging your ability to reach the financial potential of your business.

Why is that?

To make the greatest impact in the world sharing your gifts (and make the money that goes with it) you must create product offerings in alignment with your natural uniqueness. If you do this, you’ll more easily—and quickly–reach your financial potential. That’s why it’s crucial to model a mentor who is a lot like you. If you model a mentor who is very different from you, you may hit a ceiling fast.

This alignment piece is crucial, and most people don’t factor it into their planning. The result is one of two things will happen.

Two Most Likely Outcomes

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In the first case, the business owner doesn’t end up doing what it takes to create success. That’s because they don’t actually like the way they deliver their offerings. In an obvious example, a highly introverted business owner models someone who delivers their offerings in a live event setting. What is the likelihood this business owner will do what it takes to sign on as many clients as possible? Since the product isn’t something they likely enjoy, they probably won’t want to fulfill on it.

In the second case, the business owner may be able to model the way the mentor offers their products and create some great success with it in spite of it not being fully in alignment. But at some point, they’ll hit a plateau. This is really common, particularly at the 6 or 7-figure level. At a certain point, the work just doesn’t feel fun anymore. Once the boredom kicks in they can no longer do what it takes to create success as they used to.

Getting Personal

I’ve faced the second case myself, so I’ll share a quick example. Part of my natural uniqueness is that I am super creative. I built a multiple 6-figure business delivering the same content over and over. At one point, I couldn’t do it anymore and had to shift my offerings to allow for more creativity. I moved to a continuity offering that allows me to create new content every month. I also have higher end offerings I change as often as I choose. This is a way better match for me.

The result of creating product offerings in alignment with your natural uniqueness is huge. You have way more fire and passion infused into your entire business. This inspires you to take the necessary action to get your work out to all those it’s meant for. Your products also buzz with life and energy and your clients get way better results because you are engaged.

So what is the best way for you to offer your products so they’re in alignment with your natural uniqueness?

First of all, give yourself permission to offer products that feel amazing to deliver. Do it for your own happiness and fulfillment. Do it for your clients who will see far greater results because they get the best out of you.

Next, take time to reflect on what is most natural for you and how your product offerings can reflect this. I’d love to help you even deeper with a process I recorded in Module 3 of the Cash Flow Cure Program. Check it out here.

How did you choose your product offerings? Do you think you’re selling the right products? Head over to the Business Owner Only community, and share with the group!

This is a sponsored post by Fia-Lynn Crandall. The views expressed in this article are their own. To learn more about Fia-Lynn, visit our Specialist Panel.

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