Chris Lee

My name is Chris Lee, and I am fortunate enough to live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland with my three wonderful children. Life so far has been a great journey and like many of us it has had its ups and downs, however I firmly believe that they have made me stronger and wiser for their experiences.

Being self-employed for the last half a dozen of years it has put me in a position where I have made some good and then also bad decisions. These decisions have then helped me to provide a greater insight and assistance for when I help my own clients and often I can then impart unto them what to be wary of and also what to embrace and move forward.

Being born and living the first 20 years of my life in a small town in the middle of Australia called Alice Springs, it enabled me to be exposed to a wide variety of cultures and people, whereas if I was elsewhere I would not have been afforded this opportunity. Growing up in this environment has held me in good stead for future endeavors as I had to learn how to communicate with many different people.

I then moved to Adelaide and lived for there 7 years where I decided to go back to university (where I attained a Bachelor Business) as I didn’t like the job I was in and knew I had to do something further if I wanted to progress my career. After completing my degree, which I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to complete it, I moved to Canberra, where my 3 children were all born, and I started to climb the public service ladder and move into executive level positions. However deep down I knew the corporate world wasn’t for me and I wasn’t happy what I was doing. I then decided to move into the finance industry by establishing a mortgage broking business, which then made the progression into a financial advice business, which meant more study again (completing a Diploma in Financial Services)! The business made this progression, as clients wanted more than just a mortgage, they wanted a plan to get rid of the mortgage and not have to pay the bank an extraordinary amount of interest.

Just to make things interesting the decision was made to leave the cold winters of Canberra and seek the sunshine of South East of Queensland whilst the kids were all still young enough to move and not be too affected too much by uprooting them. This also meant the responsibility of managing clients interstate as well as building a new business in a brand new environment with no contacts and let’s just say both of them are challenges and that’s before we even look at the personal side of life!

So you may ask, why do I do what I do and I guess you could say that I like to be around people and this can be from just socially interacting with friends or family, through to the thrill that I get when I help people achieve some of their goals that we set out and plan for and with every new person I meet it is the chance for me learn more about them and myself.

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