Struggling With Investing? Learn How To Invest The Smart Way

Investing is an important part of your Financial Freedom, because it’s what fuels your Freedom Generator. Unfortunately, most people–maybe even you–invest without knowing what they’re doing. Maybe you invested in artificial intelligence companies so you can impress your pals with your cool new investment. Or you bought stock in a Fortune 500 company because your third cousin twice removed who just so happens to be filthy rich told you that’s the stock that made him the big bucks. So… how do you learn how to invest for real?

Reddit Threads And Penny Stocks

You think you’re supposed to invest in whatever will build your net worth, because that’s what everyone else is doing. But investing in what you’re supposed to leads to frustration, very little success and in the worst case scenario, financial ruin. That’s not the way to reach Financial Freedom.

You don’t have to go far on the internet to find investing horror stories. From Reddit threads to dying husbands leaving behind shoeboxes of penny stocks they think will provide for their widows, they’re everywhere.

Here’s the thing, though: you don’t have to be a horror story. As you move from the 96% to the wealthy 4%, you’ll learn how to make wise investment choices that provide for you and protect your family on a regular basis. We call it investing for Cash Flow.

Invest With The End In Mind

What’s the right way to invest? You can start by quoting our mantra: Start with the end in mind. This approach applies to everything from your Freedom Number to your Emergency Buffer to your investment strategy.

But when it comes to investing, starting with the end in mind is crucial. Ask yourself, what is the end goal of my investments? If you’ve completed Financially Fit Bootcamp, you know your goal should be to create Financial Freedom. Every financial decision you make should be informed by whether or not the result will put you closer or further away from Financial Freedom.

Start With Your Freedom Number

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