Julian Musgrave’s Kind But ‘No BS’ Approach Offers the Best of Both Worlds to Budding Entrepreneurs

With his disarming smile and easygoing nature, MindShift.money Certified Coach Julian Musgrave has the look and personality that suits a financial coach who has mentored hundreds of individuals.

So it often comes as a shock to clients that Julian actually started his working life at age 14, when he dropped out of school and took a job as cowboy in rural Northwest Australia.

The “No BS” Approach

Back then, in the mid 1980s, the Perth, Australia, native remembers the unemployment rate hovering close to 25 percent with interest rates around 18 percent. Needless to say, Julian’s parents weren’t too pleased and most certainly didn’t expect him to last too long in such a rigorous environment. Yet his stubborn personality and insistence on an unconventional career path—which led to stints in farm work, truck driving (stock, grain and wool), the military (as an infantry soldier in 1 RAR Australian Army), open cut mining operations and more—ultimately built the foundation for success as a financial and business coach, and his reputation for a “no BS” strategy.

“I’m not interested in smoke and mirrors and telling people how great everything is when it’s crap,” says Julian. “There has to be a dose of honesty in people’s’ lives, although it has to come from a place of love and care with the aim of making positive changes in someone’s world.”

Julian stands out from other financial coaches for other reasons, too. For one, he’s one of the only (if not the only) financial planner licensed to operate 300-ton excavators and D10/11 bulldozers. Second, he’s able to relate to, literally, everyone, regardless of upbringing, personality, or class. Julian’s various vocations exposed him to hundreds of individuals, from tattooed machine operators to black-tie corporate types and everything in between.

But he spent many years honing these skills. After finally finishing year 11 of school, and job-hopping a bit more through to his early 20s while seeking the right mix of adventure, service and skills-learning opportunities, Julian found himself taking take a keen interest in how businesses work. He wanted to know how to do his job exceptionally well with the highest possible efficiency, whether moving dirt with an excavator or dozer or loading a truck. Once he’d master a skill, he found himself looking for natural opportunities to share his secrets with his peers.

Just when he’d built up enough experience to start working as a business coach, his ongoing health issues took a big turn for the worse. He found himself suffering chronic pain on a daily basis.

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