How Do You Maintain Your Motivation?

Everyone has trouble staying motivated at some point in their life. Yes, even me! But lack of motivation is definitely an obstacle you can overcome. Today I have a few tips for how you can stay inspired and keep moving toward Financial Freedom–even when the end seems a long way off.

Start with really focusing on your end goal. Know what you’re working towards. Use tools like a dream board or a journal, so that you are very clear on what you’re building. And if you think a physical representation of your decreasing debt will be helpful, we have some ideas on that too!

How Do You Maintain Your Motivation?

Paying off debt can be very discouraging. That’s why I encourage you to split your Pay Yourself First amount between paying off your debt and building up your accounts for your future Freedom. When you see your debt going down and your Financial Freedom inching closer, you’ll find it easier to stay excited and motivated.

And don’t forget to give yourself a break! Life is about enjoyment as well. Setting milestones that provide rewards will definitely help you maintain motivation. Having something fun to look forward to tomorrow makes the sacrifice today a whole lot easier.

Begin with the end in mind, take a balanced approach to debt and set milestones to reward yourself!

A good perspective to take on eliminating debt while doing what you need to maintain your motivation is “moving toward Freedom one bill at a time.” So watch the video above to the hear me explain exactly how the “one bill at a time” trick works!

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