Susan Whelan

My name is Susan Whelan. I am the Founder of Feel Alive Inside and have over 20 years experience in Holistic Health, Personal Training, Nutrition, Qigong, Life development and Totality Healing. I am one of Australia’s first Authorised Tapping into Wealth Coaches and a Certified Financial Fitness Bootcamp Coach.

When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors down the pathway of their lives, it’s not uncommon for these events to show up in their finances.  

My greatest passion is helping people neutralize the powerful, yet uncomfortable, emotions and physical reactions that come up around money/finances, so they can move past the cycles of self sabotage and limitation and move easily and excitedly towards Financial Freedom.

When I was growing up I never went without. My parents weren’t poor, but my memories about money were ones of anxiety, fear and lack.

I remember sitting on my dad’s knee and him saying, “Sometimes the more money people have the meaner they become.”

So unconsciously, when I had too much of anything I got rid of it.

I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have big dreams and visions, always with the end in mind of being of greater service to others.

If someone had told me then that my passion would be in the arena of money, I would never of believed them.

Money/finances has been one of my greatest fears AND my greatest gifts of transformation and self discovery.

For me, money was linked to loss. I had a lifetime of loss so energetically that showed up in my savings account with a zero balance. (A little woo woo I know).

My personal turning point came when my business of five-years dissolved in liquidation. I was devastated, disillusioned and forced to leave my home and move into a

caravan. It was rock bottom, yet also a great opportunity for growth.

I realized first hand when it came to money/finances I had to get really specific. Money likes to know it’s welcome and have a place to go and a clear reason to accumulate. So instead of being frustrated, frightened and disempowered I actually found through addressing my mindset and learning these very simple foundation principles, that money/finances is a miraculous exciting and fun vehicle to freedom. I cannot but conclude that I love to help others enjoy the same kind of awareness, success and money adventure.

Financial Freedom is so much more than money.

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  • Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers on December 28, 2017 at 11:43 am

    Hi Susan, Yes Money, personified and in a structural way, likes to know what is is to do and where it can land. Tony’s ideas about automatic payment extends the landing in a timely, practical way. I would like to know more about how you successfully switched from your earlier career leanings to becoming more aware of a vibrant relationship with money and advising others through their habits and stuck places. For myself, I was influenced to a large degree by the value of lining up my time, my beliefs, and my actions that related to business and lifestyle. Before I just paid for things — didn’t have a plan — but as fortunate. Later when I wanted to be more philanthropic — challenges began to happen that forced me to plan, make goals, and to be strategic about progressing on the wealth journey. I’m still considering myself a lifelong learner in just about everything money-wise. However, I am presently on a 3 week vacation in Mexico (5th time here with my son and husband and now my son’s girlfriend.) What i have also learned from Tony is to keep personal and business money separate, pay myself first (still working on that), and to automate accounts. What I have learned from my father, is to not spend on the wrong things, and from my mother, to invest wisely and to give philanthropically. What I have learned from my husband is to put money into varied kind of investments. I have been studying many places, and observing entrepreneurs — and what I also have learned is have a clear idea of what you offer others that is of value so they will want to buy when you get yourself out there. My best friend has taught me to care for myself along the way. Another best friend taught me to appreciate my creativity. I am wealthy with friends and family who have been so generous to me. I often help others who are in desperate situations financially — have done this from my heart and I know that I learned this from my philanthropic grandfather. However I have a hunch that in order to give more and make a bigger difference — one has to really serve more out of wisdom and have one’s investments multiply, rather than only invest in individuals in need. My dilemma has been how to do both from my highest version of me. Therefore I’ve been researching and studying in a more focused manner lately. Thank you Susan for your action and investment in this area of expertise. Happy 2018 to you Susan and others reading this post. I hope you are feeling lucky in your financial growth. Jo Ann

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